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Looking To Implement Office 365, But Want To Be Sure Migration Goes Smoothly, Without Any Downtime?

If you’re ready to migrate but can’t afford a slip-up, then claim your 7-step checklist on ‘How To Implement Office 365 Quickly, Safely And Without Risking Network Security Or Downtime’  

This checklist will make sure Office 365 is working correctly on all of your computers from day 1, and will ensure you avoid any frustrating snags or delays. The checklist will also make sure that your synchronisations across multiple devices will work seamlessly, so that your staff can be more productive wherever they are.

The Office 365 Implementation Checklist provides guidance on issues such as:

  • Which type of migration is best for you: cutover, IMAP or hybrid?
  • How to migrate End User's auto-complete fields so they stay happy, not confused
  • Issues to consider with cutover timing, so that Users don't lose chunks of email data, calendar details, contacts or tasks
  • 5 Key planning questions to help minimise downtime and disruption
  • Plus much, much more!

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